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Crashlytics November Update

  It’s that time of year! Time to hang with the fam, write code, and enjoy an ice cold winter lager. All while making sure you’re dressed to impress for the inevitable run in with your old high school flame…As Thanksgiving approaches, we have a ton of updates to share that are sure to distract you from the very obvious fact that Cousin Sam burned off his eyebrows in the deep fried turkey practice round that went down last weekend! This month, we bring you a new version of the Crashlytics for Android SDK, user experience enhancements to our IDE plugins, and usability upgrades to our web dashboards.And just to recap–before you caught Grandma putting more wine in her glass than the gravy pan (go Granny!), and even before your little sister brought her tattoo-covered boyfriend home from college — back in October we shared two major announcements back to back: Crashlytics for Android Studio and Crashlytics Real-Time Search .Performance & ResponsivenessWe’re excited to have shipped v1.1.5 of our Android SDK with some serious performance upgrades! (If only there was a way to boost your own performance after you fall into that inevitable Thanksgiving Day food coma).We tweaked our starting logic to move an extra blocking call off the main thread, reducing our SDK start time by over 75%, so you can get Crashlytics up and running even more efficiently — similar to how that extra cup (or 3) of coffee will have you nailing those Black Friday deals better than ever! To make the Crashlytics logger more useful, we now log priorities and tags to your crash reports as well as the Android logger. We also boosted crash processing efficiency by eliminating unnecessary process data collection and reduced the prioritization of Crashlytics threads to free up even more resources for your app.When mom asks why we showed up empty handed on Thursday, we’ll have a good excuse: we’ve been busy deploying several updates to our Android IDE plugins to enhance the user experience! These include smart drawing of our plugin to better handle non-IDE windows that have focus, and an even smoother responsiveness of the organization selection screen, which now loads network data asynchronously.Seamless & Intuitive

After Launching Shareable Crash Reports In September, We Added Read-only Comments To These Reports.

For those of you asking for access to the raw stack traces, we heard you loud and clear — even over the sounds of the too-soon holiday music that seems to be glaring from every car stereo anywhere. Our web dashboard now gives you the power to see and copy a raw representation of exceptions and threads. This feature is especially beneficial to our Android developers because you can also use the raw stack inside your IDE, so debugging crashes became easier than ever.After launching shareable crash reports in September, we added read-only comments to these reports. Now even developers without Crashlytics accounts can view these notes, which can include useful information for collaboration with your team (e.g. JIRA URL). We get it — even if you remembered to put elastic waist pants on before you sat down to eat you still need help from the whole extended family to make a dent in that bird!To enhance overall usability, we completely revamped the Issue’s session page, along with newly added drop down menus for users to easily navigate between their organizations and applications.Here’s our internal changelog:Android SDKReduced SDK start time by over 75% by eliminating a blocking call during exception handler initialization in Crashlytics.start().Enhanced Crashlytics.logException(Throwable) to log a warning via Log.w() and immediately return on null input.Crashlytics.log(int priority, String tag, String message) now logs the priority and tag to Crashlytics reports as well as the Android logger.Removed collection of unused process data to improve crash processing efficiency.Explicitly set all Crashlytics background threads to THREAD_PRIORITY_BACKGROUND to defer CPU resources to the application.IDE PluginsFixed a bug preventing the Crashlytics SDK from being pulled into Android Studio automatically while adding an application.Pushed a non-critical fix to our plugin updater that prevents multiple updates between IDE restarts.WebEnhanced the UI of our modals and notes section as well as added the ability for users to filter out versions directly from the dropdown menu.Added raw stack traces so developers can now see and copy a raw representation of the exceptions and threads.Added read-only comments in shared crashes so notes are visible to team members who got the shared link but didnt have a Crashlytics account.Revamped UI for Modals and Notes.Added filters to Dropdown menus.Thanksgiving 2013Won the office-wide “Movember” contest (Tom Selleck truly is an inspiration).It’s been quite a busy fall season for us but we look forward to shipping even more features before the year’s end. In the meantime, we’ll catch up with you guys on the other side of the holiday — save us some leftovers! Now, back to googling “Thanksgiving puns”…I mean…writing code
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